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Storing Syringes

Syringes can be kept in room temperature, away from light and heat, for at least 6 months without signs of degrading, but are BEST stored in the refrigerator for long term preservation. If stored in the fridge, you’ll likely be able to pass them onto your great grandchildren!

What are these floating black specks?

Those are the magnificent sacred spores you’re eyeing! If you can see ANY tiny black speck, that’s a cluster of literally thousands…sometimes tens or hundreds of thousands of spores clustered together! This happens upon settling. Give it a hardy shake before starting your studies to be sure they’re evenly dispersed.

Why don’t I have floating black specks?

Spores are truly microscopic. It is impossible to see individual spores (not clumps of spores) with the naked eye. Each syringe has a TON of spores, even when the solution looks completely clear. When a batch of syringes are made, we use a stir plate to homogenize the mixture. Depending on how the spore print dried, it may be slightly flaky and not mix as easily. These are all valued and viable spores, they just look different in the syringe 🙂

It’s a hot one, Milly. Not sure if they’re gonna make it…

Totally understand. I have my doubts too, but it always seems to work out. I’m shipping from Hot as Hades, TX and did an experiment. On a 100 degree day, syringes were left in my black metal mailbox for 5 hours and that was the point in which they reached 100 degrees in the syringe. When left in the shade for that same 5 hr block, it only reached 89 degrees. While neither of these temps are ideal for spores, they don’t start to die off until 121 degrees. Still get them inside ASAP! But you should be fine.

What if my spores or culture is in fact inactive?

That’s always a possibility, and I do everything in my power to make sure they arrive clean and viable. On occasion, things just don’t work out as expected. Whether at the fault of you, me, hot transit, or just plain bad luck, I’d be more than happy to send a replacement on the house. My mission is to make sure you’re successful in your studies, and we’ll make that happen one way or another! Just hit me up if you have ANY issues whatsoever.

Hey, nice job bud! How do I leave a review?

THANK YOU!! Thank you so so much 🙂 You can leave an honest review at if you’d like, and if you add your order number at the end of your review, I’ll load up your account with some rewards points to spend in the points shop on the site!

Not so great job, bud? Honestly, while it is very rare to get this kind of feedback, it’s the most valuable feedback I could receive and will help mycologists who place an order in the future! Negative reviews on Reddit, or negative comments for products on the site are NEVER filtered or removed. This helps me improve…let me have it,

What CAN I talk about?

In case you haven’t read this 37 times already…ANY MENTION OF CULTIVATION OF ACTIVE SPECIES WILL NOT RECEIVE A RESPONSE. Just don’t do it…we have a good thing going here! BUT, I welcome all discussion about the gourmets! I’m not and don’t claim to be an expert in ALL things mushrooms…I’m still learning new things every day! If you need any tips on anything you received, shoot me an email and I’ll do my best to help out! Super proud of what you’ve grown? Send me a pic! If you have a stunning grow you’d like to show off, I’d love to feature it on the site and give you a boat load of rewards points for free stuffs!


I ship every day except Sunday and federal holidays. 95% of my orders placed and paid for by 9AM ship same day! Occasionally, some order for agar plates or larger orders ship next day. If your order is delayed in any way by these terms, you will be notified via email.

I offer FREE standard shipping, which is First Class mail through USPS. First Class mail is usually delivered in 3-5 business days. I offer Priority Mail through USPS for only $5 (I pay $8.25) and usually lands in 2 days…3 max. IF you’re placing your order around Christmas or during another COVID resurgence, shipping times may be delayed and I already know. Check the almighty for any important updates.

What’s your IG or FB?

Sooo I’m a bit old school and don’t participate in any social media…personal or business wise. This may change in the future, but for now, I only post on Reddit once a week. Add some flair to your Wednesday and hit up that Reddit link above to vibe with the tribe!

Feedback on your experience? Complaint or compliment? Just want to chat?

Hell yeah! I welcome all types of feedback and it helps make this whole gig that much better! If you just want to shoot the shit or could really use a friend, I welcome that too and am pretty responsive to emails. Let me hear it at or if you’re more of a private Ryan, feel free to anonymously txt 937-634-3536 with any choice words. Block your number, use your friend’s phone or your moms and let me know what’s up.

You used to have a discount available for returning myconauts…

Yes, yes I did didn’t I. My site used to be “single coupon use” only, where you’d have to get at me to take advantage of such things BUT! Either I overlooked it or my site updated…it’s mush simpler these days. Use coupon code BESTFRIENDSFORLIFE to get 5% off your next order and thank you SO much for the continued support!

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