Thank you so much for the support! You rock!!

Mycology is my passion and my dream! From the bottom of my heart, thank you for supporting my small business and allowing me to follow my true calling. If anything at all seems off, doesn’t work out as expected, or is inaccurate with your order, shoot an email to and I promise I’ll make it right with the quickness!

What are these black clouds in my spore syringe?

Those are the spores! It’s completely normal for spores to clump together and form a cluster upon settling, whether refrigerated or stored in room temperature. Some spores disperse better and don’t form one of these clusters, and that’s fine too! Either way, shake the dickens out of it before using.

Why DON’T I see spores in my syringe?

Because spores are microscopic! A spore is about 1,000 times smaller than a poppyseed and you can only see it under a microscope. If spores form a cluster when settled, you’re looking at literally hundreds of thousands of spores, and all syringes, even the ones that look completely clear, still have thousands of spores floating around unseen.

I make art/some other passion. What are your views on trades?

YES. My view on trades is yes. If we could ditch this whole monetary system and operate on trades alone that would be an absolute dream 🙂 Send me an email with what you have your eye on in the shop and we’ll make it happen! I have all kinds of art from this amazing community in my office and I would love to have your essence there as well.

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