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I like to pronounce it as Be Positive! There is a lot of intrigue and mystery about this variety that is a known favorite! Some claim say it was developed by a man in Florida named Mr. G. When it first started to make it’s rounds, it was claimed to be an Azurescens/Cubensis hybrid. These spores are HARDY!

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44 reviews for B+

  1. Hugh Seless (verified owner)

    10/10 Great prices and everything came in fast with professional packaging. Thank You

  2. Mavisbeak2112

    Very quality version of this classic variety. Full syringe with many noticeable spores, No signs of contamination after months of storage in the fridge.

  3. Cody Garmany (verified owner)

    These syringes are packed with spores and super easy checkout fast professional shipping arrived in less than one week I will definitely be a return customer thank you millywyco

  4. Myconaut (verified owner)

    Amazing product with very fast shipping and processing

  5. Trystan Smith (verified owner)

    An amazing product delivered perfectly. I will not be going any where else for spores. Mush luv fam!

  6. joseph meenan (verified owner)

    B positive is Ol reliable. Great quality, perfect for newer mycologists! Ive gotten these from milly a few times throughout the last year and they were always top notch

  7. Ryan Hausmann (verified owner)

    Great seller, great product

  8. JAY-Z (verified owner)

    Lovely sample chock full of spores for easy viewing! These 12ml tubes can be viewed over & over again!

  9. lowlo (verified owner)

    Fantastic product. Arrived in less than a week. Hadn’t had a problem with contamination. Would easily order again!

  10. Liza Kritzman (verified owner)

    Looks great under a microscope (:

  11. rowdy_ssc_gtsd (verified owner)

    These have been absolutely stunning!

  12. TC737 (verified owner)

    Amazing! Great pricing and looks just like how you want it to!

  13. kyleseeber1 (verified owner)

    Great product! Everything arrived fast and I as well packed. Can clearly see spores.

  14. AhTrippyLeaf (verified owner)

    Great reliable product. lifetime customer. Highly recommend!

  15. tjm05001 (verified owner)

    I always go to Milly, have yet to be disappointed!

  16. Junebug (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered microscopy supplies from many websites before, but had recently had trouble with contamination issues from my previous supplier. A friend recommended Millie Wyco and I’m so pleased with the shipping speed, packaging, order process, and (so far!) the quality of the spores I received today. I will definitely be ordering from this website again for my future needs.

    As for the spore itself itself, B+ is a long-term favorite because it is very hardy and forgiving as a microscopy specimen. I highly recommend it to anyone who is just starting out in microscopy.

  17. Dustin (verified owner)

    It arrived sooner than expected and was absolutely jam packed with spores! And I got a great deal on 2 syringes using a promo code

  18. Mdelara (verified owner)

    Super fast shipping and great product!!

  19. MycoNinja (verified owner)

    These look super awesome under the microscope thanks!

  20. Long Beach

    Want to try

  21. Sl8

    Got this one in a vendors choose, 10/10 would recommend

  22. Nick Maggio (verified owner)

    Lots and lots of spores in each syringe. My students for my mycology class loved looking at them under a microscope!

  23. TopHatMan (verified owner)

    Great sample! Tons of spores, got here fast and with extra goodies too. Milly treats us all too well 🙂

  24. Anthony (verified owner)

    Thank you for the bonus gift in my last order! Couldn’t be happier with my order. 11 out of 10!

  25. Alexander Popovic (verified owner)

    I’m an absolute beginner when it comes to microscopy, but these looked fantastic under the scope, and were a blast to explore! I also got a cute little sticker with my order, so that’s a big bonus!

  26. Jacob Sparks (verified owner)

    Packaging was perfect! Cant wait to look at these 🙂

  27. Brycen Shomper (verified owner)

    Amazing sample! Thank you for making the transaction smooth and easy!

  28. Karissa Cantu (verified owner)

    It arrived quickly and loved getting the stickers and everything. I’m a native Texan who lives in CO and it made me very happy seeing the HEB logo on the alcohol wipes!

  29. Jalas Fox (verified owner)

    Exceptional sample! Fast shiped and customer service is top notch!

  30. David Potuznik (verified owner)

    Very high quality sample, such a gret sample of a classic !

  31. Mr. Me123 (verified owner)

    Received my order fast, and everything was perfect! Amazing quality with great customer service. Will DEFINITELY be ordering again

  32. David Olsen (verified owner)

    B+ came before I thought it would and the spore content is incredible! What I really didn’t expect was to get an extra syringe of the Tidalwave spores which also had amazing looking spores. Checking these bad boys under the scope as I type this. Will definitely be checking out other types in the future.

  33. Ashmina (verified owner)

    Awesome, quality stuff! Always a pleasure shopping with you!

  34. Austin Cornell (verified owner)

    One of my favorite specimens to study very active under microscope

  35. Morgyn (verified owner)

    I was super impressed with the quality and care taken in shipping! Also got some stickers and an extra syringe of Columbian rust spores thrown in. Thank you millywyco!

  36. Uncle Tin (verified owner)

    Great prices, Quality eye candy, top notch customer service, fast shipping, extra goodies, rewards points etc…. what’s not to love?

  37. Lonny Aram (verified owner)

    100% SATIFIED!

  38. Lonny Aram (verified owner)

    Very impressed with this one !
    Willy ROCKS !,,!

  39. Jacob Watkins (verified owner)

    Good looking spores to look under the microscope! 🔬

  40. Seth Harr (verified owner)

    Excellent spores! TY MILLYWYCO!

  41. Jake Tweed (verified owner)

    Great packaging, fast delivery and an excellent spore syringe!

  42. MycoMushLove (verified owner)

    Absolutely AMAZINGGGG!!!!! Such a beautiful specimen!

  43. Lonny Aram (verified owner)

    Amazing specimen!

  44. OWebb09 (verified owner)

    Everyone who is thinking about buying spores, buy them from Milly! I received mine in the mail today. I bought Wavy Cap and B+ spores. Milly was awesome and when I couldnt pay with amazon gift cards, he offered an alternative that I won’t say here. it’s completely legal, I just don’t know if he wants to be bombarded with requests that he makes an exception for everyone. Anyways, the syringes will look like they have nothing in them, but remember, spores are microscopic! And you can’t see them with the naked eye. Again, a huge thank you to Milly.

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