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While “true” albino’s are just a mutation, this variety gets it’s name from the leucistic trait of having less pigment than other varieties, appearing completely white when mature. One of the all time most popular varieties I’ve had the pleasure of offering!

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16 reviews for Albino A+

  1. hugh seless

    Fast Shipping and always quality.

  2. Nick (verified owner)

    Amazing vendor and great quality! Very happy with the spores that arrived!

  3. kyleseeber1 (verified owner)

    Product looks amazing! Fast shipping and great packaging.

  4. Liza Kritzman (verified owner)

    This is my absolute favorite species of all to view under a microscope

  5. MycoMushLove (verified owner)

    Tis a good one. Looks healthy through thy scope!

  6. speni

    Love it!

    Flexible regarding shipping and totally microscopilicious!

  7. JAY-Z (verified owner)

    What a great choice! You won’t go wrong with Milly. And this specimen was no exception. This sample wasn’t packed out, but I was able to get a perfect view when scrutinizing under the scope. Probably best that way to avoid other junk that could cause viewing issues.

  8. AhTrippyLeaf (verified owner)

    Great Vendor, 10/10

  9. Vote2Scuttle (verified owner)

    Once again, Milly provides an amazing product, at an amazing price point with discreet and hasty shipping! Milly is the man!

  10. Coontailblue23 (verified owner)

    The FAQ section of the website addresses the question: how long is the lab sample good to use? Ordered the AA+ sample from Milly’s site in June but didn’t get around to viewing it under the microscope until the following January. Even though several months had gone by, this product delivered outstanding microscopy results. Can’t say I’m surprised as this vendor offers a consistently awesome experience every time. Value, selection, communication, website navigation and ordering process are all top notch. Your order ships promptly with USPS tracking, clean, clearly-labeled, meticulously packaged, with candy and stickers. 10/10

  11. Nicholas M (verified owner)

    ThIs vendor is amazing! Spores came in perfect condition. I like how they include 12 ccs in their syringes vs just 10. Out of 4 total syringes I’ve had absolutely no contamination.

  12. Rogue91 (verified owner)

    Beautiful under a microscope!

  13. Wallace Smith (verified owner)

    Have got this subspecies several times everytime I the spores are abundant and clean have been a loyal customer for 5 years

  14. Lonny Aram (verified owner)

    Shipping was soooo fast!
    Looking forward to studying this one!

  15. YogiOldMan (verified owner)

    Came right away. Looks great under the scope.

  16. Lonny Aram (verified owner)


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