**For those of you new here, we have a thing called “Wyco Wednesday” that started on a currently imploding platform called Reddit. This is a space where each Wednesday at 5PM CST, you can find some games, giveaways and other fun stuffs to make your career/hobby in mycology more exciting and affordable. Thanks for stopping by!**

    Key takeaways/tl;dr/just get to the goods:

    First 20 Orders after 5PM CST on 9/27 grab a FREE Unlisted Variety with the rest of your goods!

    All orders with a GT, Purple Mystic or Tidalwave get a free Penis Envy hybrid syringe today only!

    Orders ending in “0” get a $40 coupon good at millywycomycology.com for all kinds of gourmets and supplies!

    Orders ending in “27” the week of 9/27-10/3 are DOUBLED and FREE!

    NEW Cubensis: Entheogen Explosion!!!

    NEW Variety Pack: SAM

    Restocked Albino A+, Blue Meanie, Leucistic Cambodian, 10 Random Cubensis and Milly’s Favorite Cubes!

    The resilience of the human spirit is much more powerful than any man-made system that oppresses us.

    -Dr. Hillary McBride, checkerout

    ***PLEASE NOTE*** We cannot ship active spores to CA, ID or GA but boy howdy laws are a changin’! Shouldn’t be long at all. CA SB58 PASSED California State Assembly (42-11) 9/1/23, Senate (21-14) 9/7/23, now up to Gov. Gavin Newsom to finalize or veto by 10/14/23…still rollin’ folks!

    ***PLEASE NOTE*** All cultivation inquiries or any mention of cultivation of active species will result in a block, cancelled order, and invalid for any refunds or exchanges. Spores are for microscopy use only.

    Hola amigos!

    I’ve had so many people reach out this past week to tell me that they referred me to a friend wanting to get into the hobby and I love it! Since the inception of this gig, I have relied on word of mouth over marketing and advertising because…well, marketing and advertising sucks! It doesn’t feel right for this type of trade. So thank you all for telling a friend, posting a review, name dropping the site or however you get the word out! It really means more than you know 🙂

    All boxes and needles have been received from the slight delay last week…I appreciate your patience and understanding! Everything came in I believe last Thursday or maybe Friday and all orders were shipped that day. If you have paid for your order and have not gotten a tracking email (and already checked spam), please let me know at millywycomushlove@gmail.com and I’ll make sure everything is straight!

    I’ve also had quite a few people reach out lately about some South American varieties, which I just happened to take a liking to recently as well! For my compadres this week, we have a special S. American variety pack (SAM), which will allow you to get 7 super awesome varieties from the deep south, plus a special Penis Envy x Aztec God hybrid syringe to keep with the theme for just $50. 7 of the following 12 varieties will be chosen by your favorite spore vendor, guaranteed to please 🙂 (Alacabenzi, Brazil, Costa Rica, Cuba, Huautla, Madre de Dios, Matapanas, Mazatapec, Mexicube, Roatan Honduras, S. American and Xico). 10 Available this week


    Please welcome to the club of cool kids and spores, ENTHEOGEN EXPLOSION! I know, a cube is a cube is a cube and I too am against the weird and funky names just for marketing, BUT!! These have produced a very interesting study and has been one of my absolute favorites recently.

    After a bit of a break, 3 VERY popular cubensis varieties return this week: Albino A+, Blue Meanie, and Leucistic Cambodian! 10 Random Cubes pack and Milly’s Favorite Cubes pack are both restocked this week with 10 each.

    Instead of a numbers game this week, we’re going to do something a little different! I just made a fresh batch of my 3 favorite penis envy hybrids, and I’m dying to find them a loving home! Every order placed after 5PM CST today through midnight that includes one of the following will get a PE hybrid crossed with that same variety:

    Golden Teacher (get a FREE PE x GT hybrid)

    Purple Mystic (get a FREE PE x PM hybrid)

    Tidalwave (get a FREE PE x TW hybrid)

    And because I’m a numbers guy, we shall still do a little number game:

    The first 20 orders placed after this post goes live at 5PM will receive a FREE unlisted cubensis variety not available in the shop! For those of you who got in on the goods last week, this is the same unlisted variety: a synonym for another well-known variety with different genetics. Verrrniiice

    Orders ending in “0” on 9/27 only will receive a $40 off coupon code good on supplies at millywycomycology.com!

    Orders ending in “27” the week of 9/27-10/3 are DOUBLED and FREE! If your order ends in 27, do not pay! I will be in contact to see which other items you would like to double your order 🙂

    I’ve also been growing quiiiite a bit of Lion’s Mane lately! I’ve made some pulled “pork” sammies, crab cakes, and a TON of Lion’s Mane capsules! Lion’s Mane has been one of my favorite regular supplements to take. Sometimes I replace coffee with it and it keeps me super alert, removes brain fog and just makes me feel like I’m at my best. Just add a note with your order before submitting if you’d like a free bag of Lion’s Mane capsules! I’m not trying to sell these and they don’t have any fancy packaging or anything, I’d just like for everyone to be able to try who would like some. Just let me know and I’ll include a bag of 10 or 20 with your order!

    Milly’s Favorite Cubensis and 10 Random Cubensis Syringes have both been restocked 🙂 These are a couple fun variety packs that takes the stress out of picking from such a diverse library. All are beginner friendly and come with a little something special to make things fun and interesting!

    As many of you know, we have been having issues with the points shop lately. A couple of months ago, something changed with that plugin, which caused duplicate orders to be placed and I may have lost a good amount of hair from the ordeal. I’ve been going back and forth with them to find a solution, but it’s still a work in progress months later. As I’ve said in past posts, I’m 100% happy to check on your point balance and cash in some rewards if you shoot me an email to millywycomushlove@gmail.com, but going forward at least until this is resolved, I propose the following:

    Instead of rewards points for reviews, etc., POST A REDDIT REVIEW HERE AND MENTION IT ON YOUR NEXT ORDER TO GET SOMETHING SPECIAL! What will you receive? Well we just don’t knooow!!! Could be a spore print, an unlisted variety not available in the shop, a Penis Envy hybrid or maybe something else entirely that I may or may not have up my sleeve as a way of saying thank you!! Hell, I’ll take any mention on a forum or platform besides Reddit too, I’m just not active elsewhere. And if you have a specific request, leave it in the order notes BEFORE submitting your order and I’ll do my best to hook it up!

    Unfortunately Amazon is not super in favor of me taking gift cards for payment, so that is no longer an option. We’re still working on a solution to pay via credit/debit card, and in the meantime, we can accept Cash App, Venmo, Apple Pay, Google Pay, bitcoin, and can always take cash or money order by mail upon request!

    It’s ALWAYS now forever. It’s NEVER not now. BE HERE NOW! You have no choice…

    I love trades! Trades are the best! If you’re an artist or have a specialty of your own and would like to work out a trade for some genetics, please let me know! I’ve never ever turned down a trade and my lab is full of art, messages and nick knacks from this fantastic community. Diabetic supplies needed and accepted too 🙂 Get in here!

    Need to talk? Need a friend? Need to vent? I’m here, let’s chat! Always in Love <3