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RustyWhyte is one of the most unique varities out there. Community member PastyWhyte had an idea back in March 2014, to combine a leucistic variety and a rusty spore colored variety to hopefully get the desired phenotype of both. They decided to go with AA+ and Columbian Rust, and got to work. Many generations and 4 years down the line, in June 2018, they decided to start releasing the spores to the community! Through hard work and dedication, PastyWhyte was able to obtain the goal they started with, a leucistic cubensis that dropped rust colored spores.

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2 reviews for Rusty Whyte Lab Sample

  1. microscopicmysteries343 (verified owner)

    Unlike the samples of Blue Magnolia Rust and Taman Negara I received my sample of RustyWhyte did not contain clusters visible to the naked eye even upon settling, however despite this meaning a lower spore count one should not be discouraged because (as most mycologists will be familiar with) even an entirely clear spore solution can be quite densely populated, as proved to be the case with my RustyWhyte sample when under the microscope it was nicely populated by healthy spores and entirely free of undesirable foreign spores.

  2. JAY-Z

    I was extremely excited to get my hands on this coveted DNA. Viewing made easy with Milly’s overfilled syringes!

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