Rainbow Road Pack


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This is a  cubensis syringe pack created in honor of the great Roy G. Biv (with slight modifications).

You will receive one syringe from each of the following color categories. If I see that you have placed an order in the past, I will try my very damndest to not send any duplicates your way!

R- Red Boy

O (gold is orange-ish)- Golden Teacher, Golden Mammoth or Cambodian Gold

Y- Texas Yellow Cap

G- We do not like green in this hobby. We like white! F+ (Florida White), Rusty Whyte or White Teacher for this one instead of the greeeens.

B- Big Blue or Blue Meanie

I- Purple Mystic

V- We’re going with Thai Pink Buffalo because colors.


Unfortunately I have run out of colors and the unlisted syringe is, while very unique looking under the scope, is free and void of any colors in its name.

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