Ps. Allenii

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NOT A CUBE AND NOT SUITABLE FOR BEGINNERS! This variety takes special care to examine under the scope.

A newer species of mushroom (speculated as a differing species since 2005, but confirmed in 2012!) that was named after John Allen, who provided the Type specimen from Seattle, Washinton.. It is found in Northwestern North America from British Columbia, Canada, to Los Angelas, California, usually within 10 miles of the Pacific Coast. Ps. alleneii love rotting wood and wood chips used in gardening. It is similar to Ps. cyanescens, but lack the wavy cap and has a 5-base par change in the internal transcribed spacer regions. Multiple species of Psilocybe are all closely related to Ps. allenii. Commonly called “Psilocybe cyanofriscosa” in the online community because of the speculation in San Francisco Bay Area, but this does not follow the correct Latin grammar and has never been used in valid scientific literature. Spores are thick walled and 12-13µm x 6.5-7.5µm in size, dark brown or purple in color, and elliptical in shape.

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  1. Dustin Rikard (verified owner)

    Very excited to study these. They look amazing under glass. Definitely can highly recommend.

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