Leucistic Jedi Mind Fuck Swab Pack

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2-Pack LJMF Swabs

While labeled as “leucistic”, meaning very little pigment in fruiting bodies, but still allowing some color and keeping with traditional dark color spores, these particular genetics seem to be true albino JMF spores. The master magicians found only ghost white caps and clear spores from these fellas. Leucistic or Albino, these are hella cool.

2 reviews for Leucistic Jedi Mind Fuck Swab Pack

  1. Coontailblue23

    Dude, these swabs are the bee’s knees…. With this order you get 2 sterile cotton tipped wood applicators absolutely LOADED with spores! As with anything you get from Milly these are cleanly packaged, clearly labelled, quick ship in a discrete white box, come with candy AND stickers. You cannot go wrong with this vendor.

  2. amalgam8 (verified owner)

    The swabs were indeed loaded with spores, even more than displayed in the picture. The spores also looked healthy when viewing.

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