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The classic Cambodian variety, now in new and mutated Leucistic! Cambodian is a classic variety that was originally harvested by John Allen while in Cambodia. These were growing in cattle dung outside of the temple, Angkor Wat, in Siem Reap, Cambodia. This variety has a mutation that causes it to go leucistic! This causes the loss in pigmentation, but differs from albinism because the loss of pigmentation isn’t complete. If it was albino, the spores would be white as well!

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7 reviews for Leucistic Cambodian

  1. Mavisbeak2112

    Just this one a little bit ago. Looks great. High quality like everything else.

  2. Danny_Dough (verified owner)

    One of my favorites in the leucistic family. And extremely high quality.

  3. Rockyhighway

    Better than the other sellers by far.

  4. JAY-Z (verified owner)

    Adding to my collection of Leuc/Albi genes always a plus! Doing it with a 12ml super sized syringe? Plus, plus!!

  5. MycoMushLove

    Glad I had the experience of studying this one!

  6. kyleseeber1 (verified owner)

    Love studying this one. Highly recommend. Great supplier and good clean product.

  7. SwampAngel (verified owner)

    Super high quality and looks amazing.

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