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All syringes come bagged with an 18 gauge 1.5″ hypodermic needle. If you need extras, just add this to your cart! This is offered at no additional cost unless you need a ton. Then just email me 🙂

HELP KEEP THIS AS A FREE SERVICE BY ONLY TAKING WHAT YOU NEED! If you need 3 extra needles, you need to add 3 of these to your cart. If your order only has 1 extra needle in the cart, you will only receive one extra.

13 reviews for Extra Needle

  1. Vote2Scuttle

    Free extra needles, I’ve never seen this offered by another vendor- extremely personable of Milly and a great option.

  2. Michael Pendleton (verified owner)

    Good size

  3. Austin Cornell (verified owner)

    Free extra needles love it thank you for your generosity

  4. Talks2Self (verified owner)

    Thanks for the extra needles, very generous and I’m sure I’ll pay it forward in the future as I put these to good use

  5. Ubiquitous_Recon (verified owner)

    Extra needles are always a plus! This is the First time I’ve ever noticed a place offer free extra needles and greatly appreciate it. I cannot put into words how impressed I am with Milly. Highly recommended!

  6. Noelia Lopez

    Another reason why this vendor is the best around, very nice of you guys to offer free spare needles. I have not seen this anywhere else.

  7. Radicallus (verified owner)

    Extra needles are a really nice option to have. It’s a generous offer and one that I appreciate a lot.

  8. homiej (verified owner)

    Added 3 extra needles with my order. Such a great offer, and all the other items that were added as gift are so nice!!! 100% be using again!

  9. Nataliefliesakite (verified owner)

    Great option, plus all the gifts, we do not deserve you milly!

  10. DroneKitty (verified owner)

    Super generous to offer this, great size. All the extra gifts I recieve are so kind and sweet, definitely grateful for them.

  11. TangibleGenius (verified owner)

    Such a convenient service and it’s really appreciated. Best microscopy service out there!

  12. Nataliefliesakite (verified owner)

    I only asked for one but Milly sent several for my 5PACK order, best costumer service<3

  13. Ashley Mowery (verified owner)

    I love that extra needles are offered. Thank you!!!

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