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Add this to your cart if you would like as little plastic as possible with your order! Variety labels will be placed on syringes, rather than receiving bagged syringes.

All orders come with a little “goodie bag” with a thank you card (including care instructions), alcohol pads, a motivational/positivity card, some candies and some mushroom stickers. If you would like to omit any of these items, or the plastic bag that contains said items, please add a note with your order at checkout.

While the plastic used in these bags are nothing compared to the plastic used to make the syringes, it still helps to cut down as much as possible. Save our beautiful oceans!

6 reviews for ECO Friendly Order

  1. Mike Los (verified owner)

    I do what I can to prevent plastic from wrecking havoc on the earth

  2. Vote2Scuttle (verified owner)

    This is an awesome option if you are looking to cut down on waste! How amazing for this to be an option. Mush Love!

  3. Nick Maggio (verified owner)

    No reason not to select this option! It felt like normal packaging and came with candy and stickers! Add this to your cart if you want a sense of community and personality with your order.

  4. Talks2Self (verified owner)

    I don’t think I’ll order regular packaging again. This was sleek and very well put together and, of course, more eco friendly.

  5. Radicallus (verified owner)

    A lovely option! It’s a great option to have and honestly I feel like it makes the package feel a lot more organized when it comes in without having each syringe being individually bagged.

  6. Jordan Rhode

    This is a great option, Will from now on be placing Eco Friendly orders.

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