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A Keeper’s branded cubensis variety. Keeper is a spore retailer that has named multiple varieties. Creeper is Keeper’s (try saying that 5 times fast!) most famous Cubensis variety. According to Keeper, this variety is from Jamaica, but no-one truly knows, so we have to go by his word. He was said to charge more than most, so a community member named Hawk purchased as many Keeper’s branded variety and resold them to the community at a fairer price.

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11 reviews for Creeper

  1. HussarShaman

    This was one of the two in my mystery pack. It arrived quicky and was packaged with care. I look forward to the research I’ll be doing.

  2. kyleseeber1 (verified owner)

    Very interesting sample. Well worth checking out.

  3. Sl8 (verified owner)

    This one Dre me in because of the speculation on origin I must say its fun to see under the scope.

  4. Jacob Watkins (verified owner)

    I ordered this and oak ridge and it got here very quickly! Also loved the free stickers and the candy that came with it. Will definitely order again.

  5. Ashmina (verified owner)

    This sample is the bees knees! Always high quality and great to to shop with you!

  6. Scubaman7596 (verified owner)

    One of my favorites!

  7. Paul King

    Packaged professionally.

  8. Paul King

    Didn’t get around to studying these for three years and they were still quite interesting.

  9. corygkb1 (verified owner)

    With this name I was wonder how they would look. Slides are just as expected.

  10. Logan Williams (verified owner)

    Going to take a little time to get to this one but I’m excited!

  11. ST_JR (verified owner)

    Professionally packed and delivery was timely. Excited! Thanks MillyWyco.

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