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If you follow me on Reddit, you probably already know I’m big on books. Pictured are the books I currently have up for grabs…favorites from my library. If you have a special request of a book you’d like that is not on this list, first, please tell me so I can read it! All new book requests will be honored for point redemption, especially anything by Ram Dass, Terence McKenna, Sam Harris, or Graham Hancock. Not pictured here are 3 books I hand out on the regular, and ALWAYS available: Ram Dass- Polishing the Mirror, Sam Harris- Waking Up, and Aldous Huxley- The Doors of Perception. The following are ready to go, from left to right:

Ram Dass- Walking Each Other Home: Conversations on Loving and Dying (Great read for end of life comfort)

Ram Dass- Being Ram Dass (I haven’t even gotten to this one yet. 400 Page bio on the life of Richard Alpert/Ram Dass)

Sogyal Rinpoche- The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying

Timothy Leary (and others)- The Psychedelic Reader (“Best Of” The Psychedelic Review)

Terence McKenna- Food of the Gods

John M. Allegro- The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross (Dead sea scroll scholar refuting certain word translations in the Bible, specifically saying that Jesus was a “code name” of sorts for psilocybin mushrooms)

Ram Dass- Changing Lenses (Collection of the best and most popular stories from Dass’ books)

John M. Allegro- The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Christian Myth (revamped version of The Sacred Mushroom after catholic church bought the rights to the first book)

Sam Harris- The End of Faith (Spirituality without religion)

Ram Dass- Still Here (Entering “old age”, Dass addresses the beauty of aging and had a stroke while writing the last chapter in ’97)

Ram Dass- Be Love Now (All about grace and love. Wonderful read after the infamous “Be Here Now”)

Ram Dass- How Can I Help? (Richard Alpert changed his name to Ram Dass after meeting his guru in India. Ram Dass means “Servant of God” and this book is all about serving others and opening your heart)

Sam Harris- Free Will (Short book, quick page turner. Explores the theory that we are all a product of influence and while we may not be controlled like a puppet, our individual actions come from outside influences we had no control over. Makes you think…)

Aldous Huxley- Brave New World (Written in the early 1900’s, this book hits close to home in times like these, where people are wary of government and the medical system seems to keep everyone medicated instead of solving problems)

Ram Dass- Paths to God (Another one on my future read list)

Ram Dass- Journey of Awakening


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