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For the mycoballer on a budget! The “Bargain Bin” is full of partial syringes of various varieties, or varieties that have not fully passed quality checks. When I make a batch of a certain variety, the last syringe I fill usually does not come out to exactly 12ml. Even If I can only get 10 or 11ml from that last syringe, I do not consider it to be “full”, and add it to the bin. Some of these partials only have 4 or 5ml in the syringe, while others may have 10 or 11ml. It’s a grab bag of sorts, and limited to 5 per customer so everyone gets a shot at these. They will be chosen at random, and requests are not allowed. These have not been refrigerated, and some may be older than the always fresh stock I have available from the product pages, which is why they are so cheap! Perfect for the beginner or experimenter in everyone!

For instance, if you choose to purchase 3 items from the bargain bin, you may receive a 5ml lab sample of Alacabenzi, a 10ml sample of Thai Pink Buffalo, and a 7ml sample of B+ for a total of $6.


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