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I like to pronounce it as Be Positive! There is a lot of intrigue and mystery about this variety that is a known favorite! Some claim say it was developed by a man in Florida named Mr. G. When it first started to make it’s rounds, it was claimed to be an Azurescens/Cubensis hybrid. These spores are HARDY!

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13 reviews for B+

  1. Hugh Seless (verified owner)

    10/10 Great prices and everything came in fast with professional packaging. Thank You

  2. Mavisbeak2112

    Very quality version of this classic variety. Full syringe with many noticeable spores, No signs of contamination after months of storage in the fridge.

  3. Cody Garmany (verified owner)

    These syringes are packed with spores and super easy checkout fast professional shipping arrived in less than one week I will definitely be a return customer thank you millywyco

  4. Myconaut (verified owner)

    Amazing product with very fast shipping and processing

  5. Trystan Smith (verified owner)

    An amazing product delivered perfectly. I will not be going any where else for spores. Mush luv fam!

  6. joseph meenan (verified owner)

    B positive is Ol reliable. Great quality, perfect for newer mycologists! Ive gotten these from milly a few times throughout the last year and they were always top notch

  7. Ryan Hausmann (verified owner)

    Great seller, great product

  8. JAY-Z (verified owner)

    Lovely sample chock full of spores for easy viewing! These 12ml tubes can be viewed over & over again!

  9. lowlo (verified owner)

    Fantastic product. Arrived in less than a week. Hadn’t had a problem with contamination. Would easily order again!

  10. Liza Kritzman (verified owner)

    Looks great under a microscope (:

  11. rowdy_ssc_gtsd (verified owner)

    These have been absolutely stunning!

  12. timcheng737 (verified owner)

    Amazing! Great pricing and looks just like how you want it to!

  13. kyleseeber1 (verified owner)

    Great product! Everything arrived fast and I as well packed. Can clearly see spores.

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